Festival of political filmmaking.


Yes! it is a festival on political films. A film festival in New Delhi from 28- ­ 30 April 2008 at the India International Centre.
The festival called Persistence Resistance: a festival of contemporary political films will screen over 100 films in a multitude of spaces.

To participate click here
The festival aims to create a cinema space that celebrates the diverse nature of films in India today. The idea is to showcase the range of subjects and forms the films work with, and to interrogate the emerging aesthetics of political filmmaking.
The festival will also carry a section on international documentaries in an attempt to explore the notions of internationalism in the present day scenario of neo-liberal globalisation. Simultaneously the festival will present films in multiple ways of seeing, interacting and engaging by creating installations, outdoor screenings and small intimate screening spaces along with regular auditorium screenings.

Additionally, over three evenings we explore the linkages between art, literature, theatre, comics, animation, censorship with films.

If you are in Delhi during those days we will be delighted if you can attend. Also please also circulate the information about the film festival to those who might find the festival of interest.

Magic Lantern Foundation
J 1881 Chittaranjan Park, Basement, New Delhi 110019
P: +91 11 41605239 and 26273244
E: magiclantern. foundation@ gmail.com/ magiclf@vsnl. com
W: http://www.magiclan ternfoundation. org


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