‘Shaurya’-Indianised version of ‘A few good men’.


Dear Shamantha,
I did watch ‘Shaurya’ last week after its release. To my disappointment I found it to be an Indianised version of Tom Cruise starrer ‘A few good men’.

It is well made. Kaykay is good but fails to evoke the kind of rage in our hearts that Jack Nicholson managed to. I found myself nodding to some of his opinions like when he says that the present generation taking life easy while jawans slogged at the border and when he asks Sid to finish his coffee.

His justification in the end seems too hasty. His villainy is the result of years of deliberated hatred, which, in my opinion needed dialogues with depth. I just loved the character of Javed Khan which is so relevent to the present day Indian scenario.

Since lot of such fake-encounter incidents by Army have been reported, the movie seems universal, though it is ‘inspired’. Can put your money on this one rather than those mushy romances.

-Tina (www.tinazone.wordpress.com)


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