Documentary on a prayer

 Documentary on 1st Hindu prayer of US Senate The historic first Hindu prayer of United States Senate of last July is one of the significant topics in a new documentary film, “ARTICLE VI: Faith’ Politics’ America”, due to be commercially released in
theaters on September 19.

The scene when Rajan Zed, well-known Hindu leader, who read this first
prayer in the 218 years history of the Senate, was protested, appears
prominently in the documentary. This documentary also shows the
interviews of protesters and others about their reactions to Hindu
prayer in the Senate, besides Zed.

Directed by Bryan D Hall and Jack Donaldson under Living Biography
Media banner, this documentary, which took over two years to make and which is making big splashes in pre-screenings across the nation,
offers an intense discussion of the role of faith in politics and
examination of the religious freedom and intolerance in America.

The filmmakers travelled across USA as they interviewed religious
voices like national radio host Hugh Hewitt, Former Chief Justice of
Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore, Internet Evangelist Bill Keller,
Christian Rights Advocate David French, Pastor Robert Jeffress of
Dallas, Richard Land of Southern Baptist Convention, Reverend Flip
Benham of Operation Save America, religion professor Randall Balmer of
Columbia University, etc.

According to Hall, Somerset Films is helping in the distribution/ exhibition of this documentary, which he wants to exhibit
in various foreign countries also after the US release.

Rajan Zed, Via e-mail


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