So much info here!!

So much info here!! Thank you magic carpet, for offering the service. I need Akira Kurosava’a ‘Roshomon’ (hope I spelt it right!!) very badly. Will check it out at the national market. If you have access, just let me know!!

Nange Alfred Hitchcock movies beku, yavyavudu ide? Nanu Vertigo mattu Birds nodidene. bere beku.


Magic Carpet – Many thanks for the offer. I am ‘moved’ -) I’ll try to get the DVDs myself. Incase I dont get… magic carpet idde ideyalla! Mattomme dhanyawadagaLu.

I keep watching foriegn language movies in worldmovies channel ( now and then.

Would it be possible for you to write a review on one of the movies which touched me most, Stand and Deliver (1988, a movie about high school teacher)?



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  1. alfred hitchock movie MARNIE nodi. that movie was called a lesser hitchcock film bere moviege compare madidre. SEAN CONNERY matte TIPPYHEDREN act maadidare.


  2. olle touching cinema nodabekendare foreign languagenalli GIUSEPPE TORNATORE avara MALENA nodi. Monica Belluci avara wonderfull acting nimma manasannu tumba kaala kaadutade. this is an italian movie dvd alli english subtitle jote nodabahudu. suitable for persons of 15 years and above only.


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