Give screen, we have film

Mitr-Sanketa is a registerd orgainsation and presently working on creating awareness on the issues of trafficking.  We request you to make arrangements for us to come and screen a film on trafficking of women and children and have a discussion with the group.

The program is called MAT-Movement Against Trafficking.  The program is for 2 hours, which includes discussions on the topic/issue, followed by a 26  minutes’ film.  This is followed with facilitating the group to understand the  various perspectives, angels related to the emotional, social, economic,cultural, political aspects related to trfaficking and the victims.  Our discussions also highlight on our own attitudes towards this dangerous so called social evil and urge people to understand how to keep themsleves safe, while breaking the silence wrapped around this form of slavery.   These discussion could also help each of us as individuals to do our bit in speaking about trafficking, the victims, and how our chidlren, youth must protect themselves and further
safeguardwomen & children at risk and those who have been forced
into this slavery.

We invite you to partner with us.  We request you to organise/arrange groups at
your instituions/ slums/schools/ colleges/ clubs/anywhere else and our team
will facilitate the discussions and the sceerning of the film-this is just for 2 hours and this is where we must begin the action of prevention of women & chidlren being trafficked and forced into prostitution. 

We do not charge any fees for the prorgam.
Kindly let us know if you would make arrangements for LCD/Screen.

If you might require any clarification, please feel free to call
with kind regards
brinda adige


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