Golden Deer award for APNA ALOO…

I am happy to share with all of you the news that APNA ALOO BAZAAR BECHA has won the Golden Deer award (Best Short Film) at the ECOFILMS festival held in Rodos, Greece last week. This award is a tribute to the struggles of farming communities all over the world that are confronted with uncharted dilemmas in the face of expanding& capitalism, and in particular to the three persons who bared their souls in front of the camera: Bachni Devi, Rajbir Singh & Khem Singh.
Pankaj H Gupta

from subsistence ecology to the market

A documentary by Pankaj H Gupta

30”, DVD.

Few mountain communities, however remote, remain untouched by globalisation and development. Jardhar gaon, a typical village of middle Himalaya in Garhwal, led an isolated existence until just 30 years ago, in an egalitarian, subsistence ecology. Today, it is in the middle of rapid social and environmental transformation.

This short documentary, based entirely on local perspectives, reflects on this process of change – what triggers the shift to modernisation and what impacts it has on the personal, social and environmental relationships. In particular, the film focuses on the primary subsistence activity of farming: whether it can survive in the face of steady outmigration, and if the attempts by Beej Bachao Andolan (Save the Seeds Movement) to resist modernisation can be successful.


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