Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda

Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda
(55 minutes) India
Director: Shri Prakash
Producer: Kritika

UNAFF screening schedule


In Jadugoda the activities of mining, milling and tailing-dam by the Uranium Corporation of India Limited, have deposited radioactive waste into the rice fields owned by the Adivasi people of the Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. The Adivasi have unknowingly utilized the water and land in these areas. This film documents the painful experience of the people of Jadugoda as the impact of thirty years of radiation dumping begins to manifest itself in the form of disabilities, congenital defects in new born, cancer and other diseases.


Indian filmmaker, Shriprakash has produced many prominent documentary films depicting the social ramifications of development. Among them are Kiski Raksha, 1994 (In Whose Defense) about the struggles of tribals against the Netarhat Field Firing range and Addo Miyad Ulgulan 1995 (Another Revolt) about the ongoing struggle against the Koel Karo dam. His films have

been screened at national and international film festivals.

Contact Information:

Kritika, Producer
30 Randhir Prasad Street
Uppar Bazar, Ranchi,
834 001 India
Phone: 91 0 651-317461
Fax: 91 0 651-223397
E-mail: kritikashri@yahoo.com


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