Films on land struggles

pedestrian pictures

invites you to

An evening of films on land struggles

including the premiere screening of

 ‘Dying for the Land’

(A pedestrian pictures and third eye films production)

2008/36 mins/eng sub.


‘Unnayaner Name’

(A Na Hanyate production – 2007/30 mins/eng sub.)

Date: 26 July 2008, Saturday

Time: 5.30 – 7 pm

Venue: IAT, Queens Road, Bangalore


‘Dying for the land’: This is a 36 minute film that captures the adivasi land struggle in Chengara, Kerala. Located in Patnamthitta district, Chengara is witness to 20000 adivasis’ occupation of over 2000 acres of land belonging to Harrison Malayalam Company Ltd. For the adivasis who took over this commercial tea plantation land, the occupation is a defiant way to highlight their situation – over the years, plantation companies with the active support of the government have ensured that the adivasis are now alienated from land that they once called their homes.

Credits: A pedestrian pictures production in association with Third Eye Films.
Directed by C. Saratchandran (Third Eye Films)
Scripted and edited by Deepu, pedestrian pictures

Unnayaner Name (For the sake of development): This documentary captures the struggle in Nandigram – a place that has become synonymous with resistance of the people in the face of neo-liberal aggression supported by the Left government of West Bengal.  The people in Nandigram were protesting against the forcible acquisition of land for a chemical hub to be built by an Indonesian conglomerate. Through use of extensive live footage and interviews, the film captures the horror that unfolded when the CPM cadres supported by the local police tried to “recapture” their lost base under the pretext of restoring rule of law. Finally the cadres were able to capture Nandigram killing hundreds and injuring many more in the process. But the government of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya was forced to scrap the chemical hub project. The resistance in Nandigram has brought into sharp focus the meaning of development, the role of the state in an age of neo-liberal aggression on peoples’ livelihoods and methods of resistance.

Credits: A Na Hanyate production


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  1. r these films available on dvd or will they be screened in mumbai anytime? would love to see them.


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