Shaurya- an eye opener


It takes courage to make right_right

rahul bose


This movie revolves around the Indian army and a sensitive, high profile court martial. Siddhant chaudary (rahul bose) is a son of a brigadier who died on the battlefield. He himself is an army lawyer. His close friend akash kapoor (jaaved jaaferi) and he are always together, they are like family. AK aka akash kapoor is posted as the prosecution lawyer for the court martial of javed khan a soldier of the army is accused of murdering his fellow officer rathod. Javed is keeping mum he doesn’t want to speak about the incident. Sid wants to go with AK to shrinagar where he is posted finally, he gets to go with AK but as defence lawyer to javed. He is surprised to be employed as javed’s defence lawyer. He doesn’t want to do it but AK tells him that the case is a open and shut case and that he just has to come to the court and announce javed as ‘guilty’ that is what Sid had planned to do. When they finally reached Jammu he meets an aspiring journalist kavya shastri (minissha lamba) who knocks some sense into him which makes him think about the case and deal it in a fair manner. She accompanies him and helps him in fighting the case. During this a strong bond is formed they become very good friends. Sid does everything a lawyer has to do for his client (javed) and gets to know the involvement of a higher authority who is brigadier Pratap who is most respectable in his profession. He you can comprehend is a man whose lines shouldn’t be crossed. Rathod the victim was his ‘blue eyed boy’. This is great as to pratap (kay kay menon) wants javed to be hanged. Occupied in helping Sid, kavya gets herself to trouble that she is put behind bars. Sid does not know what to do as all witness’s are against him and javed  has chosen to keep mum about the incident. Nobody is of help to him so he chooses to ask brigadier to step into the witness box and answer his questions. Brigadier is a difficult man and accepts it this makes big news that the brigadier is stepping inside witness box. Sid grabs this opportunity and makes the brigadier speak and confess his crimes. The dawn appears to say that the brigadier is a mass murderer as to take revenge against what had once happened to his family. He is taken into custody and through this journey of making right_ right Sid discovers himself. Now he knows what the true meaning of ‘Shaurya’ is.

The movie is very realistic made on real facts and this movie shares light to what had happened in each one’s life. This movie showcases that sometimes even right has to be justified as being right and carrying out this deed fairly and fighting for one’s respect is what that is actually called ‘shaurya’

This movie speaks volumes as to what can happen in one’s life and how we can discover oneself, truth and loyalty through a tough journey. Hope this movie makes people open their eyes and accept the truth around them and not be blind about it.

What a piece of work by all actors a serious movie and very good eye opener for common man.


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