Shoot Films on your Mobile

Enter Now. Shoot Films on Your Mobile (less than 2 Minutes)
Do you have a mobile phone that can shoot moving images? Do you wish to use it to express your life, story, your voice? Culture Unplugged is in process of launching ‘Mobilife’-a festival about capturing & sharing our mobile life. We are looking for mobile content and its producers that strives to find deeper voice within and without. In brief, the films that does not merely reveals, but pulsates to energize, enchant, enlighten, engage or embrace in the name of humanity or humaneness.
Submission Criteria:
–    film/video on one of the category mentioned below under ‘Subject Focus’
–    open for digital distribution (no rights restriction)
–    less than 2 minutes
–    English only
–    multiple submissions welcome
–    willing to publish on online CU festival/venue
–    allowing modification for festival promotional activity
Subject Focus :
Comic Moments:
(the best funny story you have captured thru your mobile)
Enlightening Experiences:
(the most revealing moment you have come across)
Eco-Friendly Lifestyles:
(share with the world unique ways you or your friends have redesigned part(s) of life to be in harmony with nature)
Breaking Borders:
(capture the most uplifting human story that stretches over the national, religious or emotional borders)
Citizen Watch:
(report your best documented events in the region/neighborhood)

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