Gender under the lens

Dear Friends,

JAGORI presents Chromosome: gender under the lens, a film festival to
bring out the nuances of what gender means to us in our daily lives.
Gender may be understood as the watertight “boxes” that women, men and
those who fall between these categories, are forced into as a result
of their biology, in order to fulfill societal notions of
“femininity” and “masculinity” .

The focus of the festival will be the theme of “self and identity”
under the overarching theme of gender. The two-day Film Festival on
20th and 21st of September 2008 at Siri Fort Auditorium in Delhi,
hopes to showcase films that raise uncomfortable questions about
gender roles and behaviours, and demand answers about what is “normal”
and “expected”. We would invite the audience to engage with these
issues and — possibly — challenge their own myths and prejudices.

To see the listing of films that are being considered for the
festival, click here <http://chromosome.>
To recommend films, please write in to resource@jagori. org
<mailto:resource@jagori. org>
with subject as Chromosome 2008.

We’ll mail you the schedule for the festival as soon as it is
finalised. Please keep yourself free and help spread the word.


http://jpgmag. com/people/ djinn


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