68 pages

pedestrian pictures, Alternative Law Forum and Good As You


Queer Celebrations

a queer films double-bill with

Love in the time of AIDS

Dir. Deepa Dhanraj (2006/30 mins/eng sub)


68 pages

Dir. Sridhar Rangayan (2007/92 mins/eng sub)

The directors will be present for the screenings and will anchor post-screening discussions.


Date: 30 August 2008, Saturday

Time: Love in the time of AIDS – 5 pm

68 pages – 6.15 pm

Venue: Institution of Agricultural Technologists (IAT), Queens Road, Bangalore (Directions to venue)

For more information, call 94480 41063 or 98450 01168 or email pedepics@gmail.com


Love in the time of AIDS: The film follows a group of kothis (men who identify themselves as female, who have sex with men) in Belgaum, Karnataka. Some of them work in an NGO funded by the Bill Gates Foundation that is trying to promote “safe sex practices”. In the encounter between the NGO “messages” and their stories of love, desire, cruising and casual sex, a complex kothi subjectivity emerges which points with tremendous humour and pain to issues of discrimination and visibility. Given the terrain that they negotiate daily is the condom the answer?

Director – Deepa Dhanraj
Cinematographer – Navroze Contractor
Editors – Jabeen Merchant & Manimakalai Raja
Sound recordist – Sudesh

Produced by India Canada HIV AIDS Project.

68 pages: Subverting the Bollywood film genre of song-dance and high drama, this film places characters ignored by Bollywood centerstage – a transsexual bar dancer, a prostitute, a gay couple – to tell their stories of pain and trauma, of happiness and hope, about being HIV+ and marginalized. A searingly honest film about five lives marked by pain and bound by hope – in 68 Pages of a counselor’s diary.

Winner of the Silver Remi at the WorldFest 2008, Houston, TX

Directed by Sridhar Rangayan
Produced by The Humsafar Trust in association with Solaris Pictures


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