Malayalam Film Carnival’08 Bangalore

Push your thinking on cinema

Explore more about god’s own country, their films and film makers in the Malayalam Film Carnival. Test your filmi fundas in the daily quizes and win lots of prizes,every day during the week long film carnival.. FIlms include N

Venue : Lavanya Theatre

No.14, St Johns Road

Bangalore – 560042

Date : 19-25 September 2008

Admission: Free !!!

Shri.Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Shri.Adoor Gopalakrishnan




Malayalam Cinema, from the southern state of Kerala,India, has always taken its themes from very relevant social issues and has been intervened with the fields of literature, drama and politics from the very beginning. So far, Malayalm films have won 9 Indian president’s national awards for best films, 11 national awards for best direction in Indian cinema,11 national awards for best actor of Indian cinema, 5 national wards for best actress of Indian cinema, 8 awards for best screen play in Indian cinema, 9 awards for cinematography in Indian cinema, 12 special jury awards 7 Nargis Dutt awards for Best Feature Film on National Integration and many more in other aspects of film making.



Malayalam Cinema has been a strong presence in all major film festivals across the globe and has won many laurels to its credit. Malayalam film carnival Bangalore 2008 will show case some of the best in class movies from Malayalam cinema.

Its good cinema for good people like you !!!!

See you all there…


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