in quest for truth and love…



directed by ABol fazl jalili

Cast: Mehdi Moradi, kumika

Duration 98 minutes


Hafez an Iranian movie set in the back drop of Persian Iran culture is simple in picturisation and narration yet complex in its theme and symbolism. Film is a journey of an Hafez in a quest for truth and love.

Through the quest for truth symbolized through a mirror, director depicts the rift in different schools of religion and thought in that country.


Shams Al Din a young scholar who is elevated to the rank of Hafez – a title named after the Persian poet who lived 700 years ago, after memorizing Koran and clearing various tests by clerics.


Hafez is invited by a Great mufti, who belongs to a different school of thought, to teach the recitation of Koran to his Tibetan daughter nabath. But the strict traditions dictate that the teacher and the pupil should not see each other. So the Hafez starts teaching nabeth from a separate room.   But soon the teacher falls in love with the voice, while she loves him for his poem. Though forbidden though forbidden by customs they get a glimpse of each other. hafez41

Though their love is true, the consequences were hard on Hafez. He is stripped of his title while his mother is killed. Nabath is forced to marry shams Al Din   name sake of Hafez. From there starts the quest of Hafez. Symbolized as a quest for mirror, in which a man has to pass seven challenges to know the truth as directed by a mirror. Mean while Shams al din ho is married to the nabath realizes her love towards Hafez starts on a voyage to find Hafez. Following the footsteps of Hafez and the new theory he is propounding, sham al din also has to pass through several hardships.


The movie throws light to the contradictions of various religious schools of thought with in a religion in an area and the hardships and confusions it create. The film attempts to balance the different traditional and contemporary ideologies. The film with its simple narrative and the excellent picturising is a must watch. It is the symbolisms in the story that takes the movie forward, but it is the same symbolism that makes the film a bit complex towards the end. 


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