A tale of life and death

6x1crematorium is a place where we prefer not to visit, if we can choose so to. But what about those who are forced to live in there. when news of every death brings smile and daily bread,  when you are forced to live as out castes ,  when your children  have only tombs and cremating fire around to play with, how  would you cope with such a lively hood .

The documentary 6X3   directed by Raghavendra and Subramani  portrays the tale of those who are between life and death, therefore the story of  those who work and live in crematoriums from generations to generations.

Through Shakunthalamma, a crematorium labour and resident, 6X3 gives us a glimpse of the life in crematoriums, the hardships involved, the irony of death becoming the means of lively-hood and how Shakunthalamma has overcome the odds in her life with determination.

The 10 minutes debut documentary film of the director duo has a heart touching narration by JP in Kannada version and by Venky Newyork, in its English edition. The script by Santhosh is crispy, Music and the tittle song by Ismail Gonal adds further depth to the story. Visual editing by Shantharam is also good, but at the same time videography  could have been improved. The documentary has  bi lingual editions in English and Kannada  and is a worth watch.

For 6X3 documentary film copies

Contact: Shashi Kumar

Mobile: 9448429413


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