Slumdog – a blunder???


The entire film slumdog millionaire is based on the television quiz program, Kaun Banega Crorepati. In the film protogonist Jamal malik becomes millionaire by giving correct answers to the questions. Once the jamal gives the answer , computerji locks it and declares it right or wrong .

But Suguna in a letter to Indian Express

says that the director Danny boyle ‘s computerji is wrong.  Yes it is the “author of darshan De Ganshyam ” .  the right answer to this question as per the film is a factual error and she wonders how such mistake can be made, and what research the Boyle team might have undertaken.

Below is Suguna’s Letter from Indian Express.


“I’d like to point out a serious error in the film. In the quiz, Jamal Malik is asked, “Who wrote the bhajan, Darshan do Ghanshyam?” The correct answer in the film is said to be Surdas. This answer is incorrect.

The bhajan is featured in the film, Narsi Bhagat (about the eponymous Gujarati saint poet) made by Devendra Goel in 1957. Even then, the song is attributed to Narsi Bhagat (as was the custom with classical poems and dohas) as suggested in the last few lines, Narsi ki yeh binati sun lo, bhakt vilasi re. I had experts (including the old music director of the film, Ravi) check and they confirm that G S Nepali wrote the bhajan but attributed it to Narsi Bhagat.

I wouldn’t quibble about this normally but this is a film about a quiz show and how the protagonist keeps winning. He picks the blind, Surdas’ name because he recalls a young singer friend who is blinded to beg. This gets him closer to the big prize. But the poem has nothing to do with Surdas. A simple Internet search would have given them the right answers. You can check the same in

What were the team of Slumdog doing if not checking the veracity of the answers that is so basic to the script? Did they believe that since the bhajan was from an old obscure Hindi film, nobody would notice? Would our cricket-crazy country be sitting back and ignoring the error if Jamal had picked ‘Ricky Ponting’ in the ultimate question and computerji had said it was correct? Would a line from a Shakespeare sonnet be attributed to, say, Byron go unnoticed by scholars of the English language? I think this error needs to be pointed out to Danny Boyle and Co especially as the film is up for the Oscars. ”


One response to this post.

  1. There are lot of factual errors in the movie.
    Here is a list of those


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