Green unplugged-online film festival

greenGreen unplugged is an online film festival, first of its kind in Asia , Middle East and Africa. You can watch more then 700 documentaries and shorts from 65 countries at this festival and the
venue  is
WHY Online
The benefit you can watch at your convenience of time and space.
This  online film festival is a humble effort to give the upcoming filmmakers as well as established or conscious film-makers a platform where they can showcase their work and present themselves to the larger global audience. Festival is a non-commercial event. It is an open-for-all festival, with free participating/viewing.
Why Green
since we  are the generation who has begun to witness the changing face of our mother earth, the organisers here makes an attempt to find answers to several questions like, where this change will take us – how can/will we adapt to this? Will it bring us – the humanity – closer to each other, and the nature around us? Who do we trust to help us make life-style-altering changes? How will/does it affect our ideals & ism? Can an individual carry the weight for this responsibility? To what level, the human spirit needs to rise to be effective partner in natures’ grand project?  .


Barrie Osborne (Producer, New Zealand, 7 times – Oscar winner)
Michael Pyser (Producer, USA, Several Oscar Nominations)
Shekhar Kapoor (Film-maker/Director, India, Oscar Nominated 2007)

Awards/Rewards :

PEOPLE’S CHOICE (Best Rated) : $5000
POPULAR (Most Viewed) :
Conversation with Conscious Creative
VIRAL (Most Shared/Linked) :
Media Storage Unit – 300 GB
JURY’S CHOICE (Must View) :
Premier Pass to Sundance Film Festival

Festival is non commercial in nature so there is no fee for either participating or viewing. The festival has been watched by more then 375000 people from 7500 cites , 185 countries till date.


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