‘The Final Inch’ for Munzareen at the Oscars

uktara Purkayastha

final-inch-stillsNew Delhi, Feb 20 (PTI) As millions of Indians pin their hope on A R Rahman winning an Oscar on February 22 not many know about Munzareen of Meerut and the documentary ‘The Final Inch’ she featured in, which is vying for an Oscar in the Best Documentary (Short) category. Munzareen, who is a part of UNICEF’s Social Mobilisation Network, was selected from 233 field workers from Meerut to feature in American filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky’s 38-minutes documentary ‘The Final Inch’. The documentary showcases efforts by the polio workers to eradicate the disease in India and globally. It will be vying for the Academy honours in Best Documentary (Short) category along with ‘Smile Pinki’, ‘The Conscience of Nhem En’ and ‘The Witness- From the Balcony of Room 306’. Munzareen is new to the limelight that is being showered on her post the nominations, she says, “I agreed to feature in the film as it showcases our work. Who knew that the film will travel all over the world?,” she told PTI. Known as baaji, Munzareen, a mother of three says she was camera-shy on the first day of the shooting. “I ran and hid at a local doctor’s chamber. There were so many film people and all the locals were also staring at me. There was so much crowd in the streets. I was nervous,” Munzareen said.


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