Dharavi residents celebrate Slumdog


Mumbai: Residents of Dharavi locality here were glued to the TV screens to celebrate the magical run of Slumdog Millionaire, whose backdrop is their locality.

 Satheesh Nair / DNA

Danny Boyle shooting for Slumdog Millionaire at Dharavi on Sunday, December 9, 2007.”We plan to celebrate the win. There will be a party tonight (Monday). In fact, people are already in a celebratory mood,” said Azhar Shaikh, who has been living in Dharavi for the past decade. Danny Boyle’s film, which bagged eight Oscars, is a stark look at Dharavi slum, where lakhs of people live in a square kilometer area.

Family of Rubina, who plays little Latika in the film, is readying to greet her after she returns from the Oscars ceremony. “We will all be there at the airport when she returns,” her father Rafique said. His neighbours are also happy that the film, shot in their locality, has cornered Oscar glory.

The film had received mixed response across India as some slum dwellers found it offensive, with some critics even labelling it as “poverty porn”. Some like Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen said the movie shows reality. “When I see Slumdog…, I say Mercedes as well as a bullock cart run on the streets of my country,” she said.


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