Lalu in a Canadian documentary




Having already acted in a bollywood film “Padmashree Lalu Yadav” in an eponymous role, effervescent Railway Minister Lalu Prasad is all set to appear in a Canadian documentary soon.

As in the feature film, Lalu is playing the role himself in the documentary “India Reborn” being shot by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The only politician chosen by the CBC will be telling the story about his rise from the bucolic environs of his native Phulwaria village in remote Gopalganj district, where he spent his initial years as a cowherd, to becoming the minister of railways, the largest public sector undertaking in the country.

The four-hour documentary is to feature people from several walks of life including industry, information technology and agriculture who have left an indelible impact of their personality on the post-independence India.

Part of the documentary was shot on Tuesday at 10 Circular Road, the official residence of Rabri Devi, Lalu’s wife and former chief minister who was shown drying wheat for the coming ‘Chath’ festival.

Later, accepting the CBC crew’s request, Lalu boarded a train from Patna junction for a journey to Rajendra Nagar terminal, about three kms away, during which he explained to them the secrets of the phenomenal turnaround in the fortunes of Indian Railways.

cartoon courtesy: helloji


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