IAWRT India Chapter with the support of the India International Centre presents the 5th IAWRT Asian Women film festival at New Delhi.The 5th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival is back again, to mark the International Women’s Day. Each year, the festival showcases a wide array of films – documentaries, short fiction, and animation – made by women filmmakers of Asian origin. This year the festival presents over 20 films made by women filmmakers from across India, South Asia, and the Unites States of America. It has broadly been curated around the theme, Dialogues in Diversity.

Some of the films this year are · Dam/Age: a film with Arundhati Roy: directed by Aradhana Seth, the film traces Roy’s campaign against the Narmada Dam project ·

View from A Grain of Sand: Meena Nanji’s comprehensive account of the recent history of Afganistan, the impact on the women’s lives, and the resistance they offer ·

There was a Queen: Kavita Pai and Hansa Thapliyal’s explorations through the lives of Kashmiri women as to what peace means and how it can come about in Kashmir ·

Skin Deep by Reena Mohan, on women’s complex relationships with physical beauty · and

Jill Mesquita-Mistry’s The Clap Trap, a moving look at the lives of the junior artistes of Bollywood. FOR MORE INFO: iawrtindia.blogspot .com

Festival details”

*WHEN: 7th and 8th March 2009

WHERE: India International Centre, Lodi Estate, New Delhi

ENTRY: Free, by registration available at venue. *

 *=========FULL SCHEDULE==== ======= *



followed by Mukand and Riaz by Nina Sabnani 9 m /2005/India An animation film about two friends separated by the partition of India and Pakistan 


11:00 AM: Dam/Age Aradhana Seth 50m / 2002/ India/UK Traces writer Arundhati Roy’s bold and controversial campaign against the Narmada dam

foll by View from a Grain of Sand Meena Nanji 82 m/ 2006/ USA Three Afghan women try to rebuild their lives in Afghanistan’ s “new era .


02:00 PM: Say No to Plastic Priyanka Chhabra 1 m/ 2008/ India An animation against the use of plastic bags.

foll by The Furnished Room Priyanka Chhabra 9 m/ 2008/ India An experimental film on the continuous passage of time, based on a story by O’Henry of the same name .

foll. by a discussion with the director foll by The Clap Trap Jill Misquitta 52 m/ 1993/ India A tender look at the lives of the junior artistes or the so-called “extras” of Bollywood

foll by Notes on Man Capture Nandini Bedi 43 m/ 2008/ India About Ratmi’s marriage, the Garo tradition of ‘man capture’ and the players behind the event .


4:00 PM: The Shillong Chamber Choir and the little home school Urmi Juvekar 27 m/ 2008/ India A concert pianist turns his home into a school where children live together and learn to play music .

foll by Our Family Anjali Monteiro & K P Jayasankar 56 m/ 2007/ India What does it mean to cross the line which sharply divides us on the basis of gender? A look at a family of three trans-gendered women .

BREAK:5:30 – 6:30 PM

06:30 PM: Rhythms Megha Subramanian 7 m/ 2007/ USA About finding love through bodily rhythms .

foll by Cosmopolis: Two Tales of a City Paromita Vohra 14 m/ 2004/ India The mythology of a cosmopolitan Bombay told through stories of land and food

foll by Women Behind the Camera Alexis Krasilovsky 90 m/ 2007/ USA A global documentary about camerawomen who survive the odds in Hollywood, Bollywood and beyond.


09:30 AM: In Quest of Life Shabnam Ferdousi 34 m/ 2005/ Bangladesh Masuma Pia is a photographer who struggles on her own in quest of beauty and nature .

foll by Iraq: The Lost Generation E Robbins & Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy 43 m/ 2008 / UK/Syria/Jordan On the catastrophic refugee crisis in the Middle East .


11:00 AM: Understanding Trafficking Ananya C Chakraborti 89 m/ 2009 / India A rights based approach towards trafficking and safe migration .

foll. by a discussion with the director

foll by Rehana: A Quest for Freedom Gargi Sen & Priyanka Mukherjee 29 m/ 2007/ India Rehana Adib is a woman from a minority community, a mother of six, a crusader for social change… .

foll. by a discussion with the directors LUNCH BREAK 02:00 PM: This Is Me…Is This Me? Siri Devi Khandavilli 2 m/ 2009 / India/USA An experimental work on the filmmaker’s relationship with her body .

foll by Skin Deep Reena Mohan 82 m/ 1998 / India Exploring body image and self-identity among contemporary middle class women in urban India.

foll. by a discussion with the director


04:00 PM: Naach (The Dance) Saba Dewan 84 m/ 2008 / India At the Sonpur cattle fair in rural Bihar, more than fifty girls take to the stage every evening and dance for an all-male audience.

foll. by a discussion with the director BREAK 5:30 – 6:30 PM: 06:30 PM: Defiant Art (1 segment) Sharni Jayawardana 10 m/ 2003 / Sri lanka An enquiry into the nature and purpose of art today, especially in a time of crisis and conflict in Sri Lanka.

foll by There was a Queen (Yi As Akh Padshah Bai) Kavita Pai & Hansa Thapliyal 105 m/ 2007 / India Through the lives of Kashmiri women – proud and strong – the film explores what peace means and it can come about .


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