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Udupi : After moral policing, Hindu organizations have now turned into religious blackmailing of sorts. They are opposing the installation of a 67-foot statue of Charlie Chaplin at Othinane near Baindur. 

Why? Chaplin was a Christian and if his statue is installed near a temple, it will hurt Hindu sentiments, they said. 

Kannada film director Hemanth Hegde, the brain behind the statue, said he will consult the film fraternity and the CM on finding a suitable place for the statue in Karnataka, probably in Bangalore. 

Hegde said his team of artists had begun construction of the Chaplin statue on March 5 at Othinane, near Someshwar temple, as he found the scenic backdrop ideal to attract tourists. He had taken the gram panchayat chief into confidence before commencing work. 

On Friday, some activists, led by Suresh Batwadi, stopped the work saying the statue should not be located anywhere near the temple as it would hurt the feelings of Hindus. 

Hegde said they tried in vain to convince him that Chaplin was an international celebrity. “I am upset by the fascist attitude of these so-called Hindu activists who have no respect for even great artistes like Chaplin. The activists have threatened to destroy the statue if it’s erected in the district.” Hegde said. 

Though the Udupi DC and police have given permission, he is reluctant to go ahead since he feels art work should not be taken up in such a violent atmosphere.

Courtesy: Times of India


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