out-of-boundsBangalore : PVR Forum Mall – 12, 4.15 & 8.30 pm

Out Of Bounds (2007)
Genre : Drama | Original Language : Italian | Country : Italy,

Directed by : Fulvio Bernasconi

Out Of Bounds follows a young man into the bloody, lawless world of
illegal fight clubs, where the rules are simple – fight or die.
Mike, a young boxer from Trieste, dreams of making a career as a
professional boxer. He moves to Hamburg to make it to the big time, but returns home a failed champion to his sister Anna, who has long shared his dreams of success. Orphaned in their teens, Anna has sacrificed her own happiness to chase Mike’s dream.

In Trieste, Mike returns to his old trainer, but the fighting engagements are slow to come. Increasingly frustrated and desperate for money, Mike is tempted by the world of underground fights. The bets and the risks are huge, but the returns could mean a better life for Mike and his sister.
Initially, Mike enjoys the fast money and violent brawls, but he slowly
becomes disillusioned with the barbaric world of grubby illegal
fighting. Trying to escape proves be harder than he expected, and the
temptation of one last fight might just be too great.
Fulvio Bernasconi’s gritty debut feature won the Best Actor Award and
was nominated for the Golden Leopard at the 2007 Locarno International Film Festival.


2-days-in-parisKolkata – Nandan – 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm

2 Days in Paris (2007)
Genre : Comedy, Romance | Original Language : English, French | Country
: France, Germany

Directed by : Julie Delpy
Screenplay : Julie Delpy
Cinematographer : Lubomir Bakchev
Editor : Julie Delpy
Producers/ Co- Producers : Christophe Mazodier, Thierry Potok, Julie
Delpy, Ulf Israel, Werner Wirsing, Nikolaus Lohmann, Tilo Seiffert

Marion (Julie Deply), a French photographer and Jack (Adam Goldberg),
an American interior designer are a New York based couple whose
relationship seems to have fizzled out. Their attempt to rekindle their
romance on a vacation to Europe goes disastrously wrong with Jack being laid up because of a stomach infection.

Now their only hope is the last two days of the trip, the two days that
they will spend in Paris living with Marion’s non English speaking
parents. In order for their relationship to work they have to survive
Marion’s unconventional parents and her flirtatious ex-boyfriends who
seem to be hanging around every corner. Nominated for Best First
Feature at the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards, 2 Days In Paris was
screened at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival.


Kolkata – INOX Citi Center – 8:00 pm

Goodbye Bafana (2006)
Genre : Drama | Original Language : English, Xhosa | Country : Belgium,
France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, United Kingdom

Directed by : Bille August
Screenplay : Greg Latter/Bille August
Cinematographer : Robert Fraisse
Editor : Hervé Schneid, A.C.E.
Producers/ Co- Producers : Jean-Luc Van Damme, Ilann Girard, Andro
Steinborn, David Wicht, Stephen Margolis, Roberto Cipullo, Gerardo
Pagliei, Kami Naghdi, Michael Dounaev, Jimmy De Brabant, Kwesi Dickson
Duration : 114 Mins

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to
find ways in which you yourself have altered.”
Nelson Mandela – 20A Long Walk To Freedom Twenty-five million blacks are ruled by a minority of four million whites under the brutal Apartheid regime of the Nationalist Party Government.Black people have no vote,no land rights, no rights to freedom of movement,to own a business,to housing or education.

Determine d to retain power,whites ban all black opposition organisations, forcing their leaders into exile or imprisoning them for life on Robben Island.James Gregory (Joseph Fiennes),a typical white Afrikaner,regards blacks as sub-human.

Having grown up on a farm in the Transkei,he learned to speak Xhosa at an early age.This makes him an ideal choice to become the warder in charge of Mandela (Dennis Haysbert) and his comrades on Robben Island .After all, Gregory speaks their language and can spy on them.

However, through Mandela”s influence, Gregory starts to believe
Mandela’s ideas of a free and democratic South Africa. Forced to either
follow these new ideas or stay faithful to his old principles,
Gregory’s life-altering journey is offset against the backdrop of South
Africa’s pivotal moment in history.

Delhi – PVR Select Citywalk – 9:50 pm

The Year My Parents Went On Vacation (2006)
Genre : Drama | Original Language : German, Portuguese | Country :

Directed by : Cao Hamburger

Delicate,=2 0bittersweet and charming, The Year My Parents Went On
Vacation is set during one of the most intense periods in Brazil’s
history. It is 1970, and the biggest worry in young 12-year-old Mauro’s
mind has nothing to do with the proliferation of military dictatorships
in South America or with the war in Vietnam. He longs to see Brazil
become three-time winner at the World Cup.

Caught in the awkward stage between childhood and adolescence, Mauro’s
world is suddenly turned upside down when his left-wing militant
parents are forced to go underground by the increasingly oppressive
government. Mauro moves in with his ailing grandfather in the strange,
unfamiliar community of Bom Retiro, 20a lively, colourful multicultural community. When his grandfather dies suddenly, the young boy is left alone.

With no way to contact his parents, his grandfather’s gruff
next-door-neighbour , Shlomo, a solitary Jewish man and superintendent of the local synagogue, takes Mauro under his care. Lonely and uncertain, Mauro waits for contact from his parents and slowly begins to explore his new world, finding moments of happiness and discovery.

Mauro meets the irreverent young Hanna, with her enormous talent for
making bets and business deals; young Irene, who sparks the imagination of all the kids from the block; the Rabbi, a fanatical soccer fan; Ítalo, the son of an Italian involved in=20 student demonstrations; and Edgar, the mixed-race goalie of the local soccer team, among others. With his new friends, Mauro shares, his passion for soccer, his first sexual discoveries and his desire to regain the happiness suffocated by the dictatorship.

5.Turtles can Fly

Mumbai – Sterling – 8:15pm

Turtles Can Fly (2004)
Genre : Drama, War | Original Language : Kurdish | Country : France,
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq

Directed by : Bahman Ghobadi
Screenplay : Bahman Ghobadi
Cinematographer : Shahriar Assadi
Editor : Moustafa Khergheposh, Hayedeh Safiyari
Producers/ Co- Producers : Bahman Ghobadi, Mij Film Co.

A Kurdish refugee camp on the Iraqi-Turkish border, on the eve of the
US invasion of Iraq. Thirteen-year- old Satellite (Soran Ebrahim) is
known for his ability to install dishes and antennae for local villages
desperate for news of Saddam Hussein and for his limited knowledge of
English. He is the dynamic, but manipulative leader of a community
almost entirely populated by lost or orphaned children, and organises
dangerous but necessary clearing of the minefields.

The industrious Satellite trades in unexploded mines. He meets an
orphaned girl, Agrin (Avaz Latif) who is travelling a toddler, and
Agrin’s disabled, spirited brother Henkov (Hiresh Faysal Rahman), who
appears to have the gift of clairvoyance. Satellite quickly falls for the prickly, beautiful Agrin and develops a grudging respect for
Henkov, who indeed does seem to have the power of second sight. As
events come to a climax – as the source of Agrin”s simmering grief and
rage becomes clear, as Henkov”s visions come to pass, as the mines
continue to do their random dirty work, and as U.S. helicopters come
storming overhead – Satellite”s world becomes a microcosm for the
experience of refugees everywhere.

A warm, honest and passionate look at the casualties of war and
international policies, this film won a host of international awards,
including the Golden Seashell for Best Film at the San Sebastián Film
Festival in 2004 and the Crystal Bear and Peace Film awards at the
Berlin International Film Festival in 2005.


Pune – INOX Bund Garden Rd – 9:30pmrazzle-dazzle
Kolkata – INOX Forum – 8:15 pm
Goa – INOX – 5:30pm

Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance (2007)
Genre : Comedy | Original Language : English | Country : Australia

Directed by : Darren Ashton
Screenplay : Robin Ince
Carolyn Wilson
Cinematographer : Garry Phillips
Editor : Julie-Anne De Ruvo
Producers/ Co- Producers : Andrena Finlay, Jodi Matterson, Simon
Bosanquet, Al Clark

Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance is the story of one dance school
and its quest for Grand Final success at the most celebrated of all
dance competitions – The Sanosafe Troupe Spectacular. The dance school is run by Mr Jonathon, a teacher and choreographer who believes that, through dance, he can educate as well as entertain.

When a documentary crew begins shooting them, the year is set to be a
big one for Mr Jonathon’s Jazzketeers. With new ideas and fresh talent,
this could be the time they go all the way. Will dance politics and
parental interference be a help or a hindrance?

Justine, the pushiest of the stage mothers, becomes increasingly driven
as she tries to promote her daughter Tenille to the centre-stage spot.
Barbara – a born organiser whose philanthropic endeavours extend to
only fostering children with a sense of rhythm – is worried about her
place as Mr Jonathon’s right-hand helper and about the team’s chances
of victory.

Paulette and her daughter Grace are new to the troupe, although Grace
has already had a taste of life on the stage. Marianne, the troupe’s
designer and seamstress, is always on hand – a silent observer who
brings Mr Jonathon’s visions to life. Mr. Jonathon’s main rival for
Sanosafe glory is Miss Elizabeth – a five-time Grand Final winner.
Running her studio with an iron fist, Miss Elizabeth has an
old-fashioned approach to dance that has served her well.

When an accident involving a rival troupe enables the Jazzketeers to
compete in the final, rehearsals initially go well. Mr Jonathon – whose
approach to dance is one in which social relevance is paramount – has
come up with an inspired piece about the liberation of women in

But there will be more mishaps, misunderstandings and lot more exciting events in store before the day of the Grand Final arrives. A sparkling and bone tickling comedy.Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance was screened at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival.


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