Why not to ban Angels and Demons

The Angels and demons -silver screen adaptation of  Dan Brown novel by the same name, is all set to release on mid may. But it has already stirred the controversy with  Christian leaders in India demanding a ban on the films release in India.

Magic carpet had carried a post on the controversy and Tina  has commented why she feels Angels and demons should not be banned.


Hello carpet, Just saw the article title and was curious, since I have read the novel atleast 5 times!! This is another case of a book misunderstood, just because it revolves around a pope and few characters from Vatican.No one who saw the last Dan Brown novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’ brought on silverscreen by Ron Howard, will say that it was blasphemous.

Infact, it brought Jesus Christ closer to our hearts. In the discussed novel too several lesser known papal rituals have been described with simplicity and care that can be attributed to good faith and understanding.

In the novel, the passing triumph of evil is portrayed with all its gore only to lead to its sorry downfall.
Why don’t we let our people just watch the movie and decide? Why ban it and give it undue publicity? A great Hollywood star like Tom Hanks would be insane to get into an anti-faith project if he weren’t sure about the script being right. Those who think the movie is evil can just avoid it. Phew.


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  1. I’m about half way through the book and I think the late pope’s chamberlain is really portrayed as a heroic figure and I think the Church needs to be grateful for this kind of novel when so few heroes are left in the Church. Personally I remain in the Church because of Jesus not because of rituals or pomp, I know He will do something with this this Church who has lost her way. Dan Brown is a blessing to the Church and to fiction writing.


  2. Clearly in the film, religion comes out the winner, or at least it is a draw. The book is a bit different, but it is not heretical or sacrilegious in the least.

    What is the point of banning something – it only makes people want to see it more, thinking they are missing something. It only adds to the drama/controversy if ever such is intended.


  3. heyy, just want to ask.. why the movie of Angels and Demons are sooo boring?? oh well it’s kinda funny well abit. and i don’t even understand what’s all about?? can u explain it to me. oh yeah before i forget what is wrong with the AIR,FIRE,EARTH AND WATER?? and what’s that all about?? =/


    • Wha? Have you read the book then? I don’t get which part of the movie you think is boring. The story is good, the misteries hit, and the soundtracks are awesome.

      Well, the pace of the movie is indeed fast. I mean all those mysteries of each element must be solved in just few hours, so it’ll be confusing if you don’t catch up. But I watched the movie just fine (and really impressed), without even reading the book before.

      Maybe you can get some infos here


  4. they shouldn’t ban it i am only a teenager and i want to read that book. the people who want to ban it just don’t understand it


    • The reason the leaders in India want to ban this movie is because they have misunderstood the concept of this book.

      The concept of this book is not to disclaim the beliefs of Catholics, more or less, but to show that through the weaknesses of some, others become more united.

      The leaders there believe that this movie calls out the Catholic Church, which doesn’t even seem to make any sense at all because their main religion is Hinduism! However, there is another side to this argument in which it is “too violent” or “too blasphemous”. Both of these statements are incorrect.

      Why do movies like this hit the big streets? Because they have detailed plots. And if you’re going to have a detailed plot, throw in the most violent and mysterious sort of antagonist you can create to enhance this detailed plot. People like this movie so much because of the violence. Sadly, no one wants to admit it because we’re American.

      Americans have a way of getting into other peoples’ business and screwing things up even more tan they are. Because of this, we have gotten so acquainted to the idea that we’re always fighting somebody that we enjoy watching Mexicans die as they cross the border, or recreations of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      What intrigues people is the violence and mysteriousness. And for some reason the Indian government doesn’t seem to like this.

      Why? Maybe it’s because they don’t want to be like their other overpopulated counterpart: The United States.

      But for the most part, the book will call out the Catholic Church for persecuting scientists during the Enlightenment. This however, cannot be changed. It is history, set in stone, and we cannot change what has happened or what is truth. We can only analyze it and move on towards the future. If only the Catholic Church and the Vatican would understand that! They can no longer be the center of power. They had their time and because of the Reformation and the Great Schism, they have proven themselves to be false in their intentions and actions.


  5. I read the book and thought it was great. It ties religion and science in together and I think that’s awesome. It’s fine if it’s ban. More people will read it then because they want to know what’s so bad about the book or movie.


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