AIFF – Call For Entries

ahamAhmedabad is bringing home its own red carpet. To know that it will be rolled out to the works of the likes of Federico Fellini, Louis Malle and Fatih Akin along with the current top notches of the celluloid is a remarkable feat achieved in pinning the city to the world cinema map. With the city being home to several globally acknowledged artists, filmmakers, photographers and creative minds being prepared by the renowned institutes of learning, the Ahmedabad International Film Festival 2009 will give a panoramic view of the world’s best in cinema.


“Facilitate dialogue between cultures and nations through cinema, making the Ahmedabad International Film Festival a melting pot of global ideas and ideologies, at the same time providing a platform to showcase Indian and international talent in storytelling.”
We are ambitious about our foray into cinema and have worked dedicatedly for the past two years to tab the market for short films and in return find an audience for new filmmakers. We aim at making this festival an annual feature in Ahmedabad on the lines of the festivals held in various cities world over.


Best Film of the Festival:5000 USD

Best Fictional / Live Action Short Film :3000 USD

Best Documentary Short Film :2000 USD

Technical Awards

Best Screenwriting,Best Motion Picture Photography,Best Editing,Best Sound Design

Submission Deadline: May 20, 200

For Details visit:


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