Jnanapravaha-Film Screenings

2009filmfestimageScreening of films by
Soudhamini, Filmmaker and Installation Artist
Monday, May 11th and 12th.

At May 11th 2009

at 6:30 pm :Pitru Chayya (1991)
Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

at 6:30 pm:Saga of a Poet (2001)
Meditations on the Tiger (2006)
(Screenings will be followed by discussions with the Filmmaker)

3rd Floor, Queens Mansion, G. Talwatkar Marg, Fort

(Next to Cathedral and John Connon Middle School)
RSVP: programs@asiasociety.org.in / +91-22-6615-4103

Film Details
Pitru Chayya – Shadows of our Forefathers
100 minutes; Tamil with English subtitles; 1991
This film was made after carnatic singer M.D. Ramanathan’s death, and features interviews with his family, friends, colleagues and students. It also showcases those who never knew him, claim to know nothing at all about music, and represent the ‘dominant sensibility’ within which he lived and sang. The music washes over them too, drawing them into its ever expanding sweep.

Saga of a Poet
62 minutes; Tamil with English subtitles; 2001
Many years after the death of poet Subramania Bharathi (1882-1921), the words and images he conjured up continue to inspire generations of artists. Cinema, dance, painting, music, theatre, literature all resonate with his vision. This film explores how the public and private lives of men, women and children are shaped indelibly by his ideals.

Meditations on the Tiger
18 minutes; English and German; 2006
Stepping out from the security of her home, a young woman begins a ride on the S-Bahn. A tiger paces inside and outside his cage. Outside the S-Bahn window there is endless green and plentiful water. Soudhamini engages with the works of poet and writer Rose Auslander, and painter Franz Marc in this 3-screen installation.

About Soudamini
Soudhamini lives and works in Chennai. She graduated from FTII, Pune, with a specialization in Film Direction, and read English Literature in Stella Maris, Madras University, for her Masters. Her films include Thalarndhadhu – It Rested (1988), Pitru Chayya (1990), Saga of a Poet (2000), Meditations on the Tiger (2006) and Vettaikkoru Magan – A Son for Hunting (2008). Soudhamini has officiated in film festival selection committees and international juries, and is visiting faculty at FTII. She is currently working on a feature length installation video titled Solo.
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