workshDate and Time: Thursday, May 14, 7pm to 10pm


Saturday, May 16th from 10am to 5pm (with lunch break)

The Red is capable of shooting in so-called 4K mode, which is approximately five times the resolution of high definition video. The Red is a tapeless system that writes the image media to a portable hard drive. CSV rents its Red package with batteries, matte box and 18 -50 zoom lens included.

he RED Camera workshop will cover the set-up and operation of the RED camera and post-production workflow strategies. Members (including LIFT members): $50 plus GST Non-Members: $100 plus GST RED POST PRODUCTION WORKSHOP Saturday, May 23 from 10am to 5pm This RED workshop will cover the file types and system used by the RED camera and possible workflows with Final Cut Pro and Color.

There are many workflow possibilities depending on the final delivery format required. This course will cover ingesting and transcoding footage and the differences between Color and FCP as it relates to RED workflow. Participants will be introduced to the Log and Transfer plugin for Final cut Pro, RED plugins, software and editing settings and managing RAW and metadata information. Apple Color has added native RED file support, making the transition and color correction process much more efficient. This means that it is now possible to go from Final Cut Pro to Color, and access the full color space and resolution of the 4K files for final color grading.

Members: $110 plus GST

Non-Members: $165 plus GST

Call the office to book Workshops:

Charles Street Video 65

Bellwoods Avenue Toronto,

Ontario M6J 3N4

WEB: http://www.charlesstreetvi

Phone: 416-603-6564

Please note that we will only make a booking once you have paid the workshop fee. The workshop is mandatory if you want to rent this camera.


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  1. Hello at Magic Carpet
    I missed your last RED camera workshop, would kindly advise if another one is due in June or July 2009.
    Tks Andre


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