Angels and Demons’ to hit Indian screens with cuts

angels-and-demons-1Mumbai: Representatives of Christian organisations who viewed the Hollywood film “Angels and Demons”, based on a book by “The Da Vinci Code” author Dan Brown, agreed to its screening in the country if the censor board cut some scenes and gave it an ‘A’ certification.
Like in the case of “The Da Vinci Code”, they
said the new film should have a disclaimer before and after the film saying it was a work of fiction. The special screening was arranged after the Catholic Bishops Conference of India sought a ban on the film in India. They said it contained scenes and dialogue which they claimed were false and portrayed the Catholic Church in negative light.
The film’s world premier is on May 15. CBCI spokesperson Babu Joseph said they agreed not to insist on a ban as the censor board agreed to cut the scenes which showed violence inside a church and a bishop using abusive lan
guage. Tom Hanks returns to play Robert Langdon, the Harvard University

professor, investigating a murder in which the victim is branded with the illuminati sign.

Courtesy: Ashley D’Mello | TNN,movie


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