The speed of Light

lavelocitadellaluceLa velocita Della Luce,Italy/2008/HD/colour/90’/Italian

A hypochondriac car thief, a hypnotic and ambiguous surgeon and a young , mean and incompetent telephone operator make up this noir story set between Italy and Switzerland, which enters the gary areas of the human soul. The operator falls in love with the voice of the car thief who “works” on a highway inhabited by a modern ghost, personified by the ambiguous and melancholy surgeon traveling in a luxurious  black Bentley. Architects of their destinies and troubles, the hunters and the prey seek each other out, swap roles and find one another.speed

A crime film veined with icy humour, where the lead characters, trailed by what haunts them, are the architects and not the victims of their fate. All three enter the dead-end tunnel of an ambiguous triangle, suspended between the innocent and the erotic, and are ultimately drawn into a mortal trap.

Direction: Andrea papini

Producers: Ferdinanando vicentini orgnani, sandro Frezza, Sergio Bernardi

Screenplay: Andrea papini, Gualtiero Rosella

Cinematography: Benjmin Nathaniel Minot

Editing: Maurizio Baglivo

Music: susanna stivali, Fabrizio Bondi

Cast: Patrick Bauchau, Pepino Mazzotta, Beatrice orlandini


Shanghai International Film Festival, 2008

Noir in Festival, 2007

Director of institutional movies, documentaries, short films and commercials, Andrea papini has written for the theater Caveau. The speed of Light was written in collaboration with the screenwriter Gualtiero Rosella. 


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