Angels , Demons and reliegion

angels and demons film

I do wonder what is wrong with all these organizations that demand banning a movie just for the reasons that they feel it may harm their propaganda.  Film is an art and art needs its creative space. Of course there has to be some boundaries for this creative space.

But who should determine the boundaries. Whether it is the body which is set for the purpose or certain groups which claim to be the guardians of the human souls.

There was a lot of hue and cry on Da Vinci code.  When it came out as a book, as well as it was adapted to the silver screen. The religious leaders demanded the ban as if it would bring an end to their religion in the world.  They said it would mislead the devotees to lose faith, put their institutions in bad light. Of course we know and have heard that film is a powerful medium. But is it so powerful that it can change the minds of millions of people just by one film view.  If so I really wonder why so many movies that are made against the social evils worldwide are not able to bring in the desired social change. Why we are not in a better world by now.angels and demons film 2

Both the Da Vinci code Book and Film are read and seen by millions of people around the world. Whether it brought an end to the religion or any religious institution? I hardly doubt  if there were any instances where the viewers or readers of Da Vinci code decided to denounce their religion.  I have heard many of my religious friends saying that the movie indeed make them bond with the god more. Whether they bond more or not surely the religion in question did not have any set back due to the Da Vinci code syndrome.

Now once again the book “Angels and Demons” of the same author is adapted to the silver screen. And as expected there is demand for banning the movie. Now our religious leaders have had their way.  In India they have agreed to release of the movie if censor board cut certain scenes and give it an “A” certificate.  

I don’t know when our religious leaders will come out of the fear psychosis. Why they so strongly believe that people cannot decide what is right and wrong, what amount to fiction and nonfiction, why they fear so much of losing their base just because of a film. Why they don’t have confidence in themselves or their institution or on the disciples.

It is unfortunate that the groups like this can dictate terms to censor board.



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