Film Screening- in Chennai, Kolkatta

i am not there


Nandan – Audi 2, Kolkata

Daily 1.45 pm

Starring : Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, Richard Gere and the late

Heath Ledger

Maverick director Todd Haynes redefines the biopic genre with I’m Not

There. Tracing the life of legendary American singer Bob Dylan, each

stage in Dylan’s life is represented by a different character. Six

actors play Dylan in this one-of-a-kind exploration into the life of a

talented musician. I’m Not There was nominated for the Golden Lion at

the 2007 Venice Film Festival.



5 days of spine-chilling thrillers from across the world brought to you

by NDTV Lumiere and Alliance Francaise of Madras.

Presented by Roca in association with the New Ford Fiesta


Venue : Alliance Francaise of Madras Auditorium

Dates : 5th – 9th August

7 & 9pm daily


Experience Thrillers kicks off with ‘The Orphanage’ – a spine chilling

thriller and Spain’s official entry for the 2008 Academy Awards.

Directed by the award winning young film-maker Juan Antonio Bayona and

produced by the renowned Guillermo Del Toro, this thriller stars

Spanish actress Belèn Rueda and Geraldine Chaplin (the grand-daughter

of Charlie Chaplin).

Watch desire and vengeance meet in a musical thriller ‘The Page Turner’

or get caught in the twisting tale=2

0of fate and fatality in ’Crossed

Tracks’, where nothing is what it seems. Be a part of an escape with

Quim in ‘King of the Hill’ and discover a terrible secret hidden in the

woods with ‘Shiver ‘


5th August : The Orphanage

6th August : The Page Turner

7th August : Crossed Tracks

8th August : King Of The Hill

9th August : Shiver


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