1:1 film making workshop

film workshopEver wondered what it’s like to make a film? Find out at  1:1 Filmmaking Workshop, a 1-day workshop where you make 1-minute films.

At a 1:1 Filmmaking Workshop, participants who are complete novices, will learn to write, storyboard, enact, shoot and edit by doing it themselves (with instructors to guide). Because you can’t make a film alone, you will work collaboratively in small groups (3-4 people). This is a hands-on workshop where participants will be taught to handle and use cameras, computers and software to make their films.
Workshop Plan
8:30 AM – Screening of short films and presentation of how films are made.
9:30 AM – Writing a treatment for a film.
10:30 AM – Writing a script for the film
11:30 AM – Storyboard a film
1:30 PM – Break for lunch
2:30 PM –  Begin shooting the films (each group provided with a Sony handycam)
6:30 PM – Editing of films (each group provided with an Apple computer editing with Final Cut Express software)
8:30 PM – Review of films.

Workshop Fee: Rs. 1,500/-

Where: FilmCamp.TV Studio. 94/5, 8th Main, Jayanagar, 2nd Block, Bangalore – 560011

When: 8:00 AM, Sunday, 23rd Aug, 2009

Register: Registration Form     OR      96118 12121


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