special screening of ELEPHAS MAXIMUS


*By Philippe Gautier and Prajna Chowta *

* a two part documentary on the Asian Elephant*
*at the Alliance Française de Bangalore on the 19th of September at 7pm*

Attending the screening will be the filmmakers and conservationists Philippe Gautier and Prajna Chowta, eminent wildlife ecologist and leading authority on the Asian Elephant Professor Raman Sukumar, and other well known
conservationists and ecological scientists.
The documentary will be followed by an interactive discussion.

*Elephas Maximus*

In the heart of Asia’s most densely populated forest in wild elephants, in southern India, near Mysore, Prajna Chowta and the filmmaker Philippe Gautier have filmed these animals with unprecedented proximity as part of an exceptional documentary series. The first part, *of* *Elephants and Men* captures 5000 years of the history of elephant trainers, or mahouts, from the Mauryan Empire to the British times, and until the last Mysore Kheddas or grand captures.  In the second part, *Meetings with Remarkable Animals*, we explore the Asian elephant in the wild as it faces the loss of its habitat, and suffers from a conflict with one of the largest human populations in the world.

*Prajna Chowta, an ethnologist and her filmmaker husband Philippe Gautier*have been documenting and filming elephants for many years.
Their film *Hathi* was awarded the Golden Award at the 1999 Seoul Film Festival
and *Elephas Maximus* has been widely screened on international channels like Arté and

Prajna and Philippe live at the base camp of the Aane Mane Foundation, deep
in the reserved forest near Madikeri. They live with semi captive elephants
in the latter’s natural habitat.
*Professor Raman Sukumar* is a well known wildlife ecologist and Chair of
the Centre for Ecological Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science. As a
conservation scientist, he has devoted much of his career to the study of
the Asian elephant and is a leading authority on the majestic animal. He was
conferred the Dutch Order of the Golden Ark and awarded the Whitley Gold
Award for International Nature Conservation in 2003 and the International
Cosmos Prize in 2006. He is the founding trustee of the Asian Nature
Conservation Foundation.

The Asian Nature Conservation Foundation* is a not-for-profit charitable
trust set up in 1997. It seeks to stem the rapidly declining natural
landscape and biodiversity of India and tropical Asia. ANCF’s team, trained
in ecological sciences and nature conservation, works closely with local
communities and government agencies in disseminating research and in
formulating effective nature conservation policies and strategies. The ANCF
is based at the Indian Institute of Science.

*Elephas Maximus has been brought to Bangalore audiences with the support of
Nine Hills.*

Photo courtesy :Anemane.org


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