The contest is to create a poster for the movie RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW
and to come up with a punch line for the same.

A movie about the interlocking lives and loves of six characters.
Clearly the forties saw its youth obsessing over nationalism; the
sixties youth did so over Marxist views and the new millennium
showcases a new breed that obsesses over love and career.

This is a film about “Generation – Y” – About how we fall in and out of
love in a country where thousands of people pass by each other every
day, where strangers meet, where relationships come together and fall
apart. The men and women of the story are driven by desire, searching
for love and identity. These new-age kids are in no hurry to settle
down and get married. They love the excitement of the dating game and
the pursuit of a perfect lover and partner, in the underlying hope of
eventually finding true love and happiness.

This is a fast, racy, roller-coaster comedy, which showcases the youth
of our country, like it has never been seen before on screen. It will
be punched with new age music that will resonate throughout the film,
setting the pulse of this fast new generation that lives fearlessly for
only themselves…for the pleasure of the moment – right here, right now.
The film will be an exciting, young and fresh perspective on this fast
growing metropolitan phenomenon… the world of “Generation Right Here,
Right Now”

– The backdrop of the film is Ahmedabad

– Genre: Urban Romantic Comedy

What should be in the poster?
Anything! Let your imagination go on over drive …
Avoid any objectionable concepts (nudity etc) in your poster(s).
Your posters can be images or just art or anything – the whole point is
to keep your eye on this: Can this poster be used in the publicity for
Can this poster be put on billboards, in print, in advertisements etc?

What are the specifications of the poster?
The poster should be a jpeg image. The size of the poster should not be
more than 475pixels wide and 500 pixels height.

After you’ve made your poster, mail it to rhrnthefilm@ gmail.com


last date of submission/entry for this contest?
30th January, 2010 Midnight (Pacific Standard Time)

When will the winner of the contest be announced?
We will announce the winner of the contest by February 15, 2010. We
will select the best entry and perhaps also commend others whose
posters we like

What is the prize for the winner?
1. The concept and design of the winning entry will be used by the
RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW team; the same will be redone professionally, and
will be used as one of the official posters of RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW

2. Opening Credits in the film
3. An internship with our Publicity Design Team

How many posters can I submit?
You can submit as many posters as you want. But each poster should be a
separate entry.

Who can enter this contest?
Anyone and Everyone…
You could be a graphic designer, an artist, some who draws/paints as a
hobby, or someone who just wants to take up the challenge and scribble
a poster out in Photoshop or a Paint/Brush software. Everyone is
eligible to enter this contest.


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