Workshop on Emerging Trends in Filmmaking

An opportunity for film enthusiasts to learn various aspects of film making from the Industry leaders…

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Presents

“Emerging Trends in Filmmaking”

Inauguration : 5th May at 5pm Evening
Workshop Dates: 6-10 May

Workshop time: 9am-5pm
Total participants: 200+

This is an Indo-Canadian Project related Workshop-cum- lectures on “Emerging Trends in Filmmaking” to be conducted at IIT Madras. The workshop is open to Indian students & professionals, along with Indian filmmakers and technical experts. It will also include selected IITM students and selected members from NGOs.
Visit the teaser blog: http://imagingcinem a.wordpress. com/

The confirmed speakers for the event & their topics include:

Mr. R. Balki (Director of Paa and Cheeni Kum; on Special effects in cinema)
Mr Alphonse Roy (Cinematographer; on Cinematography in Aamir)
Mr Sreekar Prasad (7 times National Award winning editor; On Principles of Editing)
Mr Nasser (actor; on Working with directors)
Mr Satish Kesetti (Telugu director; On New Age Director)
Mr Michael Filimowicz (Canadian expert in digital photography & interactive video)
Ms. Fowzia Fathima (Career opportunities for Women in Technical Fields in Films)
Mr. Abhishek Chaubey (Director of Ishqiya; on Choosing a location for filming )
Mr. Saurabh Shukla (actor/writer; on Emerging Trends in Screenwriting)

Director/Cinematogr apher KV Anand is on the Advisory board. We are talking to Anurag Kashyap, Shankar, and Dibakar Bannerjee, for participation. Ace cinematographer PC Sriram is one of the guests.

Fee & registration: Rs 5000/ for professionals; Rs. 3500/for students, with lunch and evening tea included.

Accommodation for outstation participants is available on IITM campus, with Rs 1125/ for 6 days in hostels. This is apart from the registration fee. Men and women will be accommodated in separate hostels. Accommodation in AC guest houses is available on limited occupancy basis.


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