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Beating the Bomb…

Beating the Bomb – Documentary. Produced & Directed by: Meera Patel & Wolfgang Matt.

Beating the Bomb is a feature length documentary that two London based activists, Meera Patel and Wolfgang Matt, began making three years back and completed recently. The documentary frames the nuclear weapons issue within the wider context of global justice. The narrative follows the history of the British peace movement against the political backdrop of the atomic age (1941-present day). The film charts the efforts of individuals and organizations to rid Britain of its nuclear weapons system from past to present. It is not only a piece of revisionist history but also a tribute to the peace movement. Time and time again the peace campaigners challenge ‘the myth of collective impotence’ and stress the fact that it is wrong to think individuals can’t make a difference; on the contrary, individuals, if determined, can in fact make a huge difference. The film is an attempt to mediate their conviction and thus inspire the viewer.

The Stepping Stone Film Festival…

The Stepping Stone Film Festival , SCREENING SCHEDULE – 2010

Venue: JAAGA Screening Room

Address: No. 16/1, Rhenius Street, Off Richmond Road
Opposite Hockey Stadium, Shanthinagar
Bengaluru – 560025. INDIA

20 DECEMBER 2010

05:30 PM – The Vern – A One Hit Wonder Story (U S A), Director: joe
07:30 PM – Summer Trip (Japan), Director: Hiroshi Toda

21 DECEMBER 2010

05:00 PM – Souvenirs (Germany), Director: Florianphilipp Gaull
06:15 PM – Buddhism Revolutions (Germany), Director: Torsten Lenz

Shortlist – 2010 :

Mission and Objective


The Stepping Stone Film Festival [S2F2] aims to be a showcase for
emerging independent filmmaking talent from around the world. A strong
focus on recognizing and rewarding outstanding narratives and excellent
production values in low/no-budget films will aim to encourage aspiring
filmmakers to take up the craft. An India-centric section, ‘India
Calling’, will focus on feature films and shorts of Indian origin and
in Indian languages, in order to give a much-need shot in the arm to
independent filmmaking in India.

Are films your thing? Then DO something about it.™


The S2F2 is a not-for-profit venture of Wannabe Studios, an online
social network for independent filmmakers and aspirants from around the
world, founded with a mission to make truly border-less collaboration
possible in making commercially viable films without the big stars and
the big budgets. The festival will be a seven-day-long event beginning
on 06 December and ending on 13 December every year, to coincide with
“Independent’s Day”, the anniversary of the founding of the Wannabe
Studios online network. The grand finale will include a formal
announcement of the winners in each category.

Following the event, “The S2F2 Roadshow” will take the winning films
around India in a series of screenings across multiple venues in
multiple cities, to reach out to the maximum possible audience.

All the best! We look forward to receiving your submission. For any
queries or clarifications, please contact us at the following email
steppingstone at wannabestudios dot org


If your film is accepted for consideration at the festival, it is
automatically entitled to a film page on the world’s biggest movie
database – imdb (The Internet Movie Database).

Contact Details

Address for Communication:

The Stepping Stone Film Festival
6D/3 Nandi Gardens Phase One,
J P Nagar 9th Phase,
Bangalore – 560 062

+1 (310) 651 8042 [USA]
+91 (80) 28436745 [INDIA]
+91 8971475795 [INDIA]