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A must watch film

200px-sada_dar_10_daghighehSara Dar Dah Daghighe-h (Sara in 10 minutes): a must watch film from Iran
In search of happiness, Sara immerses herself in her imagination. She is a fourteen-year- old girl who has lived in an orphanage since birth. She doesn’t know anything about her past or her real identity. An extract of the colorful images from her dreams.
“a heart touching film by one of the most promising young Iranian female filmmaker Sadaf Foroughi”
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The speed of Light

lavelocitadellaluceLa velocita Della Luce,Italy/2008/HD/colour/90’/Italian

A hypochondriac car thief, a hypnotic and ambiguous surgeon and a young , mean and incompetent telephone operator make up this noir story set between Italy and Switzerland, which enters the gary areas of the human soul. The operator falls in love with the voice of the car thief who “works” on a highway inhabited by a modern ghost, personified by the ambiguous and melancholy surgeon traveling in a luxurious  black Bentley. Architects of their destinies and troubles, the hunters and the prey seek each other out, swap roles and find one another.speed

A crime film veined with icy humour, where the lead characters, trailed by what haunts them, are the architects and not the victims of their fate. All three enter the dead-end tunnel of an ambiguous triangle, suspended between the innocent and the erotic, and are ultimately drawn into a mortal trap.

Direction: Andrea papini

Producers: Ferdinanando vicentini orgnani, sandro Frezza, Sergio Bernardi

Screenplay: Andrea papini, Gualtiero Rosella

Cinematography: Benjmin Nathaniel Minot

Editing: Maurizio Baglivo

Music: susanna stivali, Fabrizio Bondi

Cast: Patrick Bauchau, Pepino Mazzotta, Beatrice orlandini


Shanghai International Film Festival, 2008

Noir in Festival, 2007

Director of institutional movies, documentaries, short films and commercials, Andrea papini has written for the theater Caveau. The speed of Light was written in collaboration with the screenwriter Gualtiero Rosella. 

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12-year-old Ali who lost his mother when he was two, is being raised by his surgeon father and grandfather. Though they try their best to look after him and try to offer comfort, Ali always want to see his deceased mother. While helping out in his father’s hospital pharmacy, Ali becomes aware of a strange interloper named Maleki who frequently visits the terminally ill patients. Ali comes to realize that Maleki is actually the spirit of death, who is there to guide the hopelessly ill to their place in the next world. Ali turns to maleki and asks him if he could do something special and allow him to be reunited with his mother.

Genre-juggling script blends metaphysical fantasy about the afterlife, Sturm und Drang medical drama and pedagogical kid’s pic to overstate the moral that death comes to all, so live bravely and don’t fear it.


Producers; Mohammad khazayi, FCF&sima Film

Screenplay: Masoud Ahmadian.

Cinematography: Ali Loghmani

Editing: Nazanin Mofakham

Music: saeed shahram.

Cast: Rambod Javan, shahrokh Forutanian, Morteza Ahmadi, Jamshid Gorgin, Dariush Asadzadeh, Negar Javaherian, Niki Karimi, Arsalan Ghasemi


Fajr Film Festival, Interfaith Jury Award, 2008

Farzad Motamen :

Born in Tehran in 1957, Farzad Motamen began filmmaking with short documentaries. He was the director of the audio-visual section of the Handicrafts Organization for 5years since 1985. Three accidents his first short feature film in 35mm came in 1999. The seven acts is his first full-length Feature film.

Select Filmography

Hands and Designs (1989), Persian Ornaments (1990), Absavaran (1990) , Tehran’s weather (1993), Bushes on Fire (1994)