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Voice From The Waters Film festival 2009-schedule, venue and films

Deeply Superficial 2 (1)

DATES : 4th to 7th September 2008

TIME : 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.


:: Alliance Francaise de Bangalore :: (The Main Venue)

:: Suchitra Film Society, Bangalore ::

:: Badami House, Bangalore ::

:: YWCA, Bangalore ::

:: MES College :: (for College Students)

:: Bal Bhavan :: (children)

Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, Vasanth Nagar

Final Festival & Conference Schedule

Friday 4th September, 2009

11.00am : Flood of Memory (Baad Ki Raat)

Dur: 11min

Country: India

Dir: Anitha Balachandran

In 2006, a devastating flood hits the Rajasthan desert of western India. The film uses a combination of live footage, charcoal and sand animations to evoke the desert landscape, and the memories of people who live within it.

11.10pm:Source to Sea: The Columbian River Swim

Dur: 90min

Country: USA/Canada

Dir: Andy Morris

Chris Swan swam 1243miles in 13months, all across the Columbia River, braving not just cold and exhaustion but pollution and encroachments which threaten to turn the once thriving and glorious water body into sewage, displacement and extinction. Andy Morris’s remarkable ‘Source to Sea’ is not just a rousing paean to human endeavor but also spans the ancient story of a river and the life and culture that thrives in and around it.  It is through these epic narratives that the film arrives on the essential connect between man and the elements; one we are in the danger of forgetting. Winner of the Best Environmental activism/ Social Justice Award and Most Inspiring Adventure Film Award.

1.15pm – 2.00pm: LUNCH

2.00pm: Toxic Waste in Papago Territory

Dur: 18min

Country: Mexico

Prod: Promedios

In a Papago Indigenous community located in Quitovac, near the boarder with Arizona the community discusses their fight against the construction of a toxic waste dump that will be a repository of waste from both the US and Mexico. Elders speak about the extinction of certain trees, birds, how toxins will become air-borne and the serious health consequences for all.

2.20pm :Switch-Off (Apaga y Vanamos)

Dur: 83min

Country: Pehuenche-Mapuche/Chile/Spain

Dir: Manel Mayol

The Biobio is an angry river, one that has resisted every attempt to tame its furious currents- from the Incas to the Spanish Armada. But with an energy giant and an uncaring government trying to construct a hydro-electric dam over its waters, the lands and histories of the indigenous Pehuenche-Mapuche tribes are a stake. However evasive and sly the officials try to be, the voice of protest booms across the land. Director Mayol captures these angry voices and images to channel them into the explosive and acclaimed ‘Switch-Off’.  Winner of Best Film at both, the prestigious Planet in Focus and Ecocinema 2005.

3.45pm – 4.00pm :TEA

4.00pm: Sujan Bandhu, a boatman’s journey

Dur: 19min

Country: India

Dir: Viplab Majumder

The river, like life, inspires us to keep moving and that is the story of this protagonist of ‘Sujan Bandhu’. More than the documentation of his life, the director feels it is the documentation of life itself. ಓದನ್ನು ಮುಂದುವರೆಸಿ


Film Screening- in Chennai, Kolkatta

i am not there


Nandan – Audi 2, Kolkata

Daily 1.45 pm

Starring : Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, Richard Gere and the late

Heath Ledger

Maverick director Todd Haynes redefines the biopic genre with I’m Not

There. Tracing the life of legendary American singer Bob Dylan, each

stage in Dylan’s life is represented by a different character. Six

actors play Dylan in this one-of-a-kind exploration into the life of a

talented musician. I’m Not There was nominated for the Golden Lion at

the 2007 Venice Film Festival.



5 days of spine-chilling thrillers from across the world brought to you

by NDTV Lumiere and Alliance Francaise of Madras.

Presented by Roca in association with the New Ford Fiesta


Venue : Alliance Francaise of Madras Auditorium

Dates : 5th – 9th August

7 & 9pm daily


Experience Thrillers kicks off with ‘The Orphanage’ – a spine chilling

thriller and Spain’s official entry for the 2008 Academy Awards.

Directed by the award winning young film-maker Juan Antonio Bayona and

produced by the renowned Guillermo Del Toro, this thriller stars

Spanish actress Belèn Rueda and Geraldine Chaplin (the grand-daughter

of Charlie Chaplin).

Watch desire and vengeance meet in a musical thriller ‘The Page Turner’

or get caught in the twisting tale=2

0of fate and fatality in ’Crossed

Tracks’, where nothing is what it seems. Be a part of an escape with

Quim in ‘King of the Hill’ and discover a terrible secret hidden in the

woods with ‘Shiver ‘


5th August : The Orphanage

6th August : The Page Turner

7th August : Crossed Tracks

8th August : King Of The Hill

9th August : Shiver

The Bicycle is not Far

The first monsoon screening of KRITI FILM CLUB

bicycle is not far

The Bicycle is not Far

(English, 2009)

a film by Subrata Chakrabarty

on 18th July, Saturday, 5.30 pm

at S-35 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi

Phone: 26027845/ 26033088


followed by a discussion with the film maker!

about the film:

A film about fair trade practices around organic cotton farming in India. Shot over a period of eight months in different parts of India (in the state of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal) and partly also in Paris, France to depict the existence of market rationality, fairtrade certification, increasing fair trade movement, participatory guarantee system (PGS) etc.

The film’s protagonist is a woman who work in the field of cotton and the film travels with her in the journey of how fairtrade practices improves her and her families’ life. Made simply, the film aims to reach out to everyone who produces and/ or consumes some form of ‘cotton’ in their life!