El Camino-the road


This first feature film made by a woman in central American, tells the story of a girl faced with sexual abuse and abandonment, In Nicaragua, saslaya, a 12 year old girl, runs away with her brother, Dario to look for their mother, who immigrated to neighboring costa Rica 8 years before. The children travel from Managua to Granada, cross the lake, walk by the volcano, through the jungle. In their journey, they encounter different characters and face many challenging situations. At the border, the girl and his brother get lost and so she has to face the hardships by herself. Along their journey, saslaya and Dario rewrite their destiny…

The work on the film started in 2000 and in 2006 it was filmed. Post-production took two years. According to the director Ishtar yasin, El camino’ is the story of two kids who migrated from Nicaragua to Costa Rica in search of their mother. The Majority of Nicaraguan mothers sacrifice for their children.

Direction,screenplay: Ishtar Yasin

Producer: scott Disharoon, Rick Bieber

Cinematography: Jacques Loiseloix

Editing: valerie Loiseloix

Sound: Bill Meadows

Cast: sherlin paola velasquez, Marcos Ulises Jimenez, Jean Francois stevenin, juan Borda


Guadalajara Film Festival, FIPRESIC prize and the special Jury Award, 2008


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