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Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2010

9 – 13 December, 2010,Kathmandu, Nepal

The annual and competitive Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) will be organised by Himal Association from 9 – 13 December, 2010. By screening some of the most recent and exciting films about mountain people, sports, environment, cultures and societies from various corners of the world KIMFF seeks to celebrate the complexity and diversity of mountain life.

KIMFF 2010 will reflect the parallel challenges of preserving cultural diversity and cultural identities and promoting intercultural dialogue. Simultaneously, the festival will celebrate the variety of life on earth by screening a section of films on safeguarding biodiversity.

We are, at the moment, soliciting entries for the festival, and we hope you can participate by sending relevant films you may have directed or produced in the last three years. We look forward to your involvement in KIMFF 2010.

The entry form and brochure download is available at

Please visit us at for more detail.

The submission deadline for the entries is August 15, 2010.

Interested filmmakers are requested to mark the following timeline:

January 1, 2007: Films made after this date are eligible

August 15, 2010: Late date for submission of entry

October 15, 2010: Final selection of entries

October 30, 2010: Last date for submission of final print

December 9 – 13, 2010: Holding of KIMFF 2010

For further information, please contact:

Festival Director

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival

Himal Association

P.O. Box 166

Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur

Kathmandu, Nepal.


I Am The Change…*D7z9LfjW7yFJKNizoztp6cDgVICpYkDOs1Xk0npCu4t/change_logo_final.jpg

I Am The Change a 2 day film festival will be held in IIM
Ahemdabad campus, Ahemdabad
On 12th-13th January 2010 .

This festival, which is a part of the ‘Dream Big
India’ Event organized by the IIM-A Entrepreneurship Club, will bring
together unique individuals and organizations who are using media for
bringing positive change and transformation. Some unique features of
this festival are:

Film festival: Showcasing short films from ‘I am the change film
project’ and interaction with the filmmakers and changemakers.

Presentations and stalls of Media organizations who are focusing on
innovative ways through which youth can engage in contributing towards
social change.

Workshops will be held for participants on innovative ideas such as
Gift economy, social media entreprenuership, zen & independent
filmmaking, community video etc.

Everyday heroes will share their personal inspiring stories of how
and why they have dedicated their lives for service.

Idea corner: Participants will be able to book room and share their
ideas with others.

Metta Media networking Stall: A multimedia team will be covering the
entire event and will update online network throughout the event. Metta
members will be able to meet and network.

Creative space for Media installations and exhibitions.
Festival is open to all free of charge

Cut in…. the students festival of TISS

The second Cut.In Students’ Video Festival will be held at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai on the 30 and 31 January 2010.

The festival is being organized by the Centre for Media and Cultural Studies (CMCS), Tata Institute of Social Sciences. CMCS is an independent centre of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, engaged in media teaching, production, research and dissemination.
This national level video festival aims to encourage talent among this group and also to bring them together. The competition is for short documentaries, short films, public service messages and music videos produced between 1 January 2008 to 15 December 2009.
Entries are invited for the following categories:
a) Best Documentary (under 45 min)
b) Best Short fiction (under 45 min)
c) Best Public Service Message (Under 2 min)
d) Music Video (under 6 min)
The festival will feature works by graduate/postgradua te/diploma students all over the country selected by a panel of judges.

Two prizes will be given in each category. The prize consists of a trophy and a citation. In addition there are prizes for Best Camera, Edit and Sound Design.

Entry Form and other details on http://cutinfest. wordpress. com/

IFFK -Trivandrum Film Schedule


Mrinal Sen Retrospective

  • Calcutta 71 1972/B&W/101’/Bengali
  • In search of famine/Aakaler sandhane 1980/color/115’/Bengali
  • The ruins/Khandhar 1983/color/106’/Hindi
  • This is my land/Aamar bhuban 2002/color/107’/Bengali
  • Mr. Shome/Bhuvan Shome 1969/B&W/96’/Hindi
  • Suddenly one day/ Ekdin achanak 1989/color/105’/Hindi
  • The Confined/Antareen 1993/color/91’/Bengali
  • Ek Din Pratidin / A day like any other 1997/color/95’/Bengali

Arturo Ripstein Retrospective

  • Castle of Purity / El castillo de la pureza Mexico/1974/Colour/116’/Spanish
  • The place without limits/ El lugar sin límites Mexico/1978/110’/ Spanish
  • The Realm of Fortune/ El imperio de la fortuna Mexico/1985/ Colour/ 35mm/135’/ Spanish
  • The beginning and the end/ Principio y fin Mexico/1993/35mm/Colour/188’/Spanish
  • The Queen of the Night/ La reina de la noche Mexico, USA, France/ 1993/ Colour/ 35 mm/ 120’/ Spanish
  • Divine/ El Evangelio De Las Maravillas Mexico, Spain, Argentina/1998/Colour/112’/Spanish
  • The Ruination of Men /La Perdcion de los hombres Mexico/Spain/2000/35mm/B&W/106’/ Spanish

Mikio Naruse Retrospective

  • Her Lonely Lane/Hourou-ki Japan/ B &W / Wide / 1962 / 123 min. / Takarazuka Eiga
  • Husband and Wife Japan /B & W / Standard / 1953 / 87 min / Toho
  • Scattered Clouds Japan/1967/35mm/colour/108’/Japanese
  • The Echo Japan/B & W / Standard/ 1954 / 95 min / Toho
  • Mother Japan/B&W / Standard/ 1952 / 98min / Shin Toho

Jacques Tati Retrospective

  • Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday / Les Vacances de M. Hulot France/1953/ Restored Version /114’/French,English
  • Festival Day/ Jour de fête France/1949/Restored Version/70’/French
  • Play Time France/1967/ Restored Version/155’/French
  • My Uncle/Mon Oncle Italy,France/1958/ Restored Version/117’/French

Contemporary Master in Focus : Raoul Peck

  • Lumumba France, Belgium, Germany/2000/116 Min/Color/French
  • Man by the Shore/L’Homme sur les Quais France/Canada/ Haiti/1993/colour/105’/French
  • Sometimes In April USA/ Rwanda/ 140’/colour/English
  • Lumumba: Death of a Prophet
  • Moloch Tropical United States/ 2009/105’/Color/English, French

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The Fall of the Wall Film Series , Mumbai

28. November – 05. December 2009, 6.30pm
MMB, Goethe Hall
German with englisch subtitles
Entry free

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall the
Goethe-Institut is presenting a series of films, narrative and
documentary features, as well as shorts that portray not only the
historical events but also the conditions before and after November 9,
Saturday, November 28

Regie: Leander Haußmann, Farbe, 94 Min., 1998/99

The film “Sonnenallee” ventures a look back to GDR times – it is not a
maudlin portrayal, but an unabashedly sentimental and fabulously
exaggerated one. It is the story of young people, forbidden music and
dances, and of that special love that changes everything.

Monday, Nov 30
Regie: Andres Veiel, Farbe, 100 Min., 2000

An investigation into two contrary, but equally radical lives, both of
which ended through violence: Alfred Herrhausen, chairman of the board
of Deutsche Bank, died in 1989 in a bomb attack presumably planned and
executed by the RAF. Four years later, the suspected RAF terrorist
Wolfgang Grams was to be arrested at Bad Kleinen station, but died in a
hail of bullets. The circumstances surrounding his death were never
fully revealed.

Tuesday, Dec. 1

My Wall (Short films)
Berlin Today Award, Short Film Competition 2009 Regie: 5 Regisseure,
Farbe, 59 Min., 2009

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in
2009, My Wall was chosen as the creative focus for the sixth edition of
the Berlin Today Award – the short film competition of the Berlinale
Talent Campus.

Wednesday, Dec. 2 & Thu, Dec.3

Deutschlandspiel (Enacted Scenes + Documentary Footage)
1. Teil: Auf die Straße, 2. Teil: Eilig Vaterland!
Regie: Christoph Blumenberg, Farbe, 2 x 90 Min., 2000

In the space of just under a year, from 7 October 1989 to 3 October
1990, the Wall came down in Berlin, the GDR shuffled off the world
stage and the two German states were unified. DEUTSCHLANDSPIEL
reconstructs the story behind the story and shows the conflicts,
discussions and intrigues which were carefully concealed from the
public eye at the time.

Friday, Dec. 4

Director: Frank Beyer, colour, 133 min., 1995

Leipzig 1987: The individual gestures of revolt against the state are
becoming more and more apparent. The Monday prayers in the St. Nicholas
Church are attended by an increasing number of people. The state reacts
by trying to intimidate the people, expulsion from the party and other
repressive measures. On 9 October 1989 the Leipzig citizens achieve a
decisive victory. The head of Leipzig state security declares : “We
have reckoned with many things, but not with candles and prayers !”

Saturday, Dec. 5

Nach dem Fall
Director: Frauke Sandig, colour, 86 min., 1999

Documentary film about the disappearance of the Berlin wall.
Contemporary witnesses include an American historian, a church minister
in Berlin and a Bavarian demolition expert. The common tenor of all
their statements is that the wall and its traces were eradicated too
quickly and too radically with the intention of forgetting the past.
One of the absurd consequences: British homeopathists use pulverized
concrete from the wall to produce a therapeutic agent.

IFFI Film Schedule -Indian Section


IFFI – film schedule Foreign Section

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